Environmental and Quality Policy

„Customer pays only for quality”

We perform our vehicle window manufacturing activities according to our Quality and environmental consciousness norms and legal requirements – respecting and satisfying our customers’ requirements for the right quality, right amount, right time and right price products delivered to the right place.

In all of our activities - either it is manufacturing (spare parts manufacturing, anodizing, powder coating, assembly), or technical and administrative work related to the production of work -, the absolute goal is ‘Do It Right First Time - zero defect’ product.
We reach the increase of our competitiveness thanks to the high level of reliability of the production process, leading to higher operational excellence.

Each and every employee is responsible for the quality of his work, thereby achieving the company's goals. Thanks to the continuous training and information to employees they are properly trained and informed. The staff continuing education and training programs seek appropriate response to environmental emergencies.

To fulfill the needs of the automotive industry we pursue to deliver the proper quantity ordered by the agreed deadline to our customers – always.

We strive to achieve or to even surpass our customers' expectations for the first time - also to avoid the unexpected costs of non-compliance.

We continuously improve our results by the conscious application of lean manufacturing philosophy, get rid of avoidable losses, and we make our processes more transparent.

We insist to use the best available technology to minimize the environmental emissions.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are acquainted with our quality and environmental protection expectations and they are bound to cooperate, taking into account the treaties and their suppliers. With the acknowledgement of those we into our cooperation and supplier agreements.

We consider utmost important the enforcement of environmental approach, the spreading of environmental awareness among our employees and our suppliers, in order to meet the higher levels of all interested parties. During the manufacturing process, the waste generated is separately collected and we aim to achieve their highest possible level of recycling.