About Us

Today, with more than 350 employees and a growing market share, König Kft. designs, manufactures and supplies more than 3000 different windows for buses, trains, trams, commercial vehicles, as well as a wide range of cab windows, with a total yearly production of around 80 000 windows.

With our own surface treatment facility, utilizing anodizing and powder coating, we can bring the design ideas of our customers into reality.

Our production area and storage area are 7.500 m2 and 2.900 m2 respectively.


  • Founded in 1991 by János Király in a modest workshop, working for the Hungarian bus manufacturer Ikarus and as a sub-contractor for an Austrian client.
  • First production hall (1100m2) constructed in 1994.
  • Our own anodizing plant was established in 1998 in one of the halls. The following step was a powder-coating equipment by which higher quality of surface treatment was achieved.
  • In 2002 the company terminated the sub-contract with the Austrian client and started to operate directly on the target market with its own window-constructions.
  • In 2007 the company started the production of aluminium frames for trains and subways.
  • The company acquired ACS patent to produce flush closing windows in 2012.
  • The second production hall, solely for flush closing windows was built in 2015, with storage expansions to keep up with customer demand.
  • Our third production hall finished in 2021, which was an expansion for our parts manufacturing.
  • In 2022 through 2023 we are expanding our flush window production hall and our powder coating facility.